House Flip with Chip and Jo App Reviews

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Love game

I really love this game. However, it needs an update to fix bugs and loading at startup. I am at level 4 and I cannot get in.

More to unlock

I love this game. I’m hoping that more staging options will be released soon. It says they are coming soon but I’m impatiently waiting. How much longer?

Great game!

I loved this game. It was really fun and gave me something to do. I have a older model of the iPhone though so sometimes things would get stuck, but this game is AWESOME so download it plz!!!

Disappointing game

This is a basic tap-and-wait game. The options to decorate and upgrade are sadly lacking. I've made it all the way to Chicago, but really the game just gets more and more boring. The actual design part of the game has no imagination. The upgrades are too similar, often make no sense, and are unattractive. For example, Level 3 bedroom doors have frosted glass windows in them. I don't want see-through doors for a bedroom! But if I don't use the highest level, I'll never upgrade to the next-level door options. It definitely looks like someone didn't want to take the time to create new animations for different levels. So every house ends up making no sense and looking exactly the same. There is no creativity from the designers, and no creativity for the users. The color schemes are horrific. Everything is colored with army green walls. Yuck! Yet, it makes no discernable difference when selling the home if I make the colors more neutral, or at least try to choose colors that go together. In fact, the video tutorial basically says recoloring the walls is a waste of money and time. Another thoughtless upgrade example is the lighting. To use "designer" lighting in a tiny bathroom, I have to add 2 sconces, a vanity light, 4 recessed lighting fixtures and a flush mount fixture. It looks ridiculous. All of the lighting options for different rooms are like this-- unattractive and weird. No one needs a million lights in a half-bathroom, a laundry room, or a kid's room (6-8 recessed lights, a ceiling fan, a floor lamp and 2 wall sconces.) At this point (Chicago), it takes over a day to do a single upgrade. For example, it costs 1.3 million in "elbow grease" and 1 day, 11 hours to upgrade the kitchen cabinets. Considering that my maximum elbow grease is 2.5 million and it takes more than a day to earn this, most of my time is spent waiting. Finally, when I use high-end materials on a high income home and try to sell it, it lists as a medium income home. So I cannot get the best deals to earn money. Also, the sight-seeing is gone by the time you hit Chicago. The game claimed it would have sights in Chicago with their latest update, but they didn't. I would not recommend starting this game. It's not worth the investment of time-- it doesn't get better.

Really fun app

The app is really fun to play, but as I get new rankings, like the tycoon for example, the wait time for certain Reno’s is longer, also it would be cool if you added some more mini games instead of just bingo house flip edition. Other mini games like crossword (house flip edition), solitaire (house flip edition), or flappy bird (house flip edition). I think also you should make earning hearts easier, because I’m finding it difficult to earn hearts. I know buying hearts is a way to earn money for the game and company, but what if you added some mini games to earn hearts or elbow grease, like Tetris (house flip edition), Pac-Man (house flip edition), or word scramble (house flip edition). Also I think you should add more continents when you’d finish the cities in USA. Also if you’d add more houses in the cities or even add pools for renovating. (If there isn’t pools for renovating). Overall I’d give this app a five star rating but I’d also want to add some of the stuff mentioned. I love this app and I think it has potential, but maybe some of my suggestions would get your app some more five stars.


Why. Why can I not multitask and do more than one house at a time? If I have a house listed I should be able to buy and ren another while waiting to sell. I’m really annoyed


I really love ❤️ everything about this game 🎮. It’s addicting but in a good 👍🏻 way. I like how hearts 💕 , and sweat are easy ✅ to obtain. This makes the game super fun 😄 because you know HOW to get those items. This app is also educational 📚 in many ways. When you reach a certain level in one of the renovation options, you can watch a video 🎥 that teaches 👩‍🏫 you about it. The ONLY thing that I would suggest is adding ➕ more mini games for when you want to speed 🏃 up the wait time ⏰. Other than that, ITS AWESOME!!!! 👏🏻 😎. The idea 💡 for this game 🎮 was SPECTACULAR! Therefore, I rate 5 stars. P.S. Sorry 😐 about all the emojis 🙃


This game is sweet!!! I can’t stop playing this!! When I saw this I was like I must have this!!! 🤩 yay chip and joannah! It is sad they aren’t on tv anymore😢

Read this

This review will tell you my opinion on this game. If you like designing houses, you should probably play. It is a fun game and you start out with a lot of hearts and elbow grease so if your an impatient person, don’t play. Just don’t. You have to wait for the upgrades to change to the houses. Well I don’t like writing that much so I’m going to end this review. The game is great for future architects.


Very disappointed in this game. It’s actually very boring and the graphics are not up to what I would have expected. I’m a huge Fan if Chip and Jo and was really surprised they would put out such a disappointing product.

So cool homes

This an amazing game so cool 😎


The game is super fun, no issues found from me!

Fun at first but it’s not worth it, too time consuming.

As you play the game more the longer it takes for renovations to finish and the only way to speed things up are with hearts. I enjoyed the game, didn't mind waiting too much but there are a few down falls. I don’t like that the new homes I’m renovating ask for renovations that are still locked. So I can’t even get 3 stars or top dollar for my renovation cause I have to leave it incomplete. Also you usually get about 10% back on your renovations but as you unlock more and spend more I seem to be lucky to get a 5% return. I’ll renovate a home and it’ll be in a so called “high income” neighborhood so I’ll use all high income upgrades and put thought into color schemes and what not and still get only offers of a 2-5% profit. Sometimes negative. Stupid game. Takes forever and is extremely frustrating.

My game keeps crashing

My game keeps crashing, I completed the tutorial then the game cut out and I was on my home screen then I went back in the app it closed and crashed again this keeps happening over and over again, I don't know what to do.


The game is great! That is when you can actually buy houses... I just redownloaded the app because it stopped letting me buy houses. The “buy” button is faded out and I can’t hit it. Over all when the game is working I love it. Please fix!

Crashing too much!

I really like this game. The only major complaint I have is that it crashes more and more even after updates that are supposed to fix this problem. It honestly seems to be getting worse. I did the update last night. Now the game crashes when you try to view a house to buy, when you try to play the mini game and, as almost every time as it's been for a long time, when you opt to watch a video ad to reduce time. It's now Tuesday and the crashing is nuts. Changing cities from San Diego to Seattle made it crash. Ironically it doesn't crash when you spend hearts. Really becoming more annoyed with the amount of crashing this game is doing. And still the same song different day (Thursday) with the crashing. I've cleared the app and I've rebooted my iPad several times this week and it doesn't help. The crashing is out of control with trying to play mini games, view ads to reduce time and navigating between houses to view them. I hope this is fixed soon. It's now a week later and the crashing is still relentless. Opening the mini games is still making it crash. Trying to views videos to reduce time is still making it crash. When I click on the support button here it takes me to Facebook. Guess what! I'm one of the few that doesn't use Facebook. So the support button is useless. If only Chip and Jo could fix this game! Because it's definitely becoming a fixer upper.


Ran out of money now you can’t do anything. Can’t sell the house if it’s not 3 stars, and can’t buy money. So youre stuck doing nothing.

Money pit

Like a real flop of a flip this game has become a money pit. I’ve reached a point where everything takes so long to be effectuated that I end up missing the bonuses. It seems the only way to speed things up is to buy more hearts with REAL money. I know games are designed to get you to spend money and I don’t mind spending for something special but when it gets to the point where you can barely play I’m done. I know this is not an official Chip & Joanna project. You can tell, I don’t think they’d treat their fans like this. Very disappointing as I was enjoying flipping houses at the lower levels.


Super fun

One glitch I’ve found so far

This game is great since you don’t have to be staring at a screen all day, but when I didn’t press the list staring button, when I renovated the countertops it still said I needed to do it. Now my house is only worth 2 stars. I did not take the time to do the counter again, so I sold it with two stars. Here is a suggestion; not a rating: You should make it so you can paint the exterior second floor because when I try to, it does not work.

Needs improvement

Great game with a lot of potential. I’m still in the early stages but it’s a lot of fun. There are two things that hold it back, however. The app absolutely kills your battery which is something that needs to change or else play is limited. Also would be great if there was something that pushed you to be the best such as competing against friends or something rather than just repeatedly selling with the computer. Seems like it could get old fast.

Not to good

It looks like a really good game but I have tried on all the homes it will not let me buy one so I’m stuck doing nothing I HATE THAT.

House Flip Review

I honestly love this game. The wait time is not that long and the greatest part is you do not have to spend money. I came up with a strategy to save the hearts to attain more builders. MY ONLY COMPLAINT ABOUT THE GAME IS I WISH THERE WERE AN OPTION TO TEAR WALLS DOWN TO MAKE SPACES MORE OPEN.

Love it, hopeful for change

I started out thrilled with the game, loving it as much as the show. I love the additions of the games but they crash almost every time you access one and you lose your free game or hearts you used to purchase it. It is so frustrating I am about to just quit playing until another update comes across. I have sent inquiries through Facebook, ap and nothing. Without the games, waiting 20 hours for a washer, counters in Seattle is crazy. You can't make your daily goals if you can't ever flip the house in a 24 hr period. Also to have a goal for a Spanish home and then have no Spain is he homes in any city for the whole 24 hours for sale is wrong. I love this game and want it to work right. The idea is great, but the time it takes is just crazy. More house plans n each city, more options. Let the person decide on what they want to spend the n time and selection. If you can use an expensive front door, antique door you know the time and elbow grease is more but for it all to be the same isn't making options of bigger cities appealing. Staying from Waco to Salt Lake is more instant gratification. I like for mine to have all the extras, not just til I reach amount of stars to sell. I love the creativity part and seeing what my house looks like even if not my style. Pls fix it.


I love home decorating cause I am in the process myself and the game is fun but the offers are wack. My market was on fire so I was expecting top notch offers, but that was not the case, I rush my offers over a hundred times and ever single offer was beneath my asking price and for me that’s ridiculous not one offer was even remotely close. Now I am annoyed and I will probably think twice before I invest more time in playing this game.

I love this game but you to pay real money

It is really fun too

Good app

I’m really enjoying this app. It’s easy to play, I love the show and I love the videos that sometimes play.


This game isn’t a scam like others are. You don’t need to spend any money to experience the entire app, and the waits are fine. Great app

I enjoyed it until it locked me out

I was having a good time playing this game, but now it won’t let me past the loading screen. It stays stuck at 0% until the app crashes. I turned off/on my phone, I uninstalled/reinstalled the app, etc. nothing seems to be working. When I can finally get past the loading screen, it says I’m not connected to the internet. I checked my wifi setting, but everything is fine (full signal). My other gaming apps connect just fine. I’m uninstalling and moving on. Good thing I didn’t spend real money in this game.


This game was Good for the most part , super cute and lots to do. I don’t mind waiting for rooms update, I usually find something else to do, But every time I want to reduce time by watching a video I get an error message and I’m not able to reduce time that way. Another issue is that I’m not able to open up the game at all , it says it wasn’t able to connect to a network. I have 4 bars . Idk why , I’ve even tried restarting my phone and that wouldn’t work either. I would give it a higher rating if the game wasn’t so glitchy.

A lot of problems

I absolutely love this game but there’s a lot of problems that come with it. Videos don’t work half the time and multiple times I have to go out of the game completely and go back in to get the game to work. Otherwise I love how much freedom this game gives you, would just be better if the videos and game worked so I don’t have to wait so long for things to be built. Right now, it’s not even letting me open the game. I click on it and I just get a blank white screen.

Good game but...

I love this game! It is a lot of fun and extremely addictive. My only qualm with it is that the offers are unrealistic. You list a house and all of the offers are complete lowballed that is unrealistic with an actual real estate market. I also wish there were more than four decorating styles, but the thing that bothers me the most is getting offers for a house flip that are $50k below asking price and nothing higher.

It’s not loading 😖

Everytime I try to play, I’m stuck on the loading screen. I haven’t even got to play yet! This is my second time downloading the game in hopes that the second time around it would actually load, but nope nothing. It gives me all the tips under the status bar, but stays at 0%


Please consider the following for the next update: 1) Sound with notifications. Notifications without a sound defeats the purpose of a notification. 2) Better navigation. The game is strained when you have to pressed all these buttons to get anywhere. For example, having to click “out” a bunch of times to get to the town view to obtain more elbow grease. Ridiculous. 3) The amount of time that certain tasks take is a little much. Over 24 hours? Not fun at all. And the mini game doesn’t even help ever. It’s nearly impossible to win and therefore a waste of time. 4) More contractors. If you’re going to make people give up 2-3 of their contractors for over 24 hours, there needs to be more contractors available. 5) There should be a “Collect All” button, or at least make things a lot quicker when clicking things. Whenever you try to click “Collect”, it takes such a long time (in game time) for the upgrade to appear and for you to be able to move on. Which this goes in hand with suggestion 2. At the moment, the game is very repetitive with very little reward. These suggestions could make the game a lot more fun and user-friendly. Please actually take into consideration what players suggest to you guys. We’re the ones playing the game and so we’re the ones that know what could make the game better. Edit: I’m changing my rating from two stars to one star. I haven’t played this game since the last update. I finished all the cities and now I’m just waiting, which isn’t the problem. The problem is that you guys don’t communicate well when it comes to future updates. You either say we should be expecting an update soon or you wait for someone to ask on your Facebook page and then you say “soon”. It’s frustrating because lots of people really want to play this game and really want to be able to get into it. But with it being so slow pace and the requirements for each renovation being ridiculously high and long (in time) it’s really not fun at all. I still have faith that this game will be great. It’s got a lot of potential and if you guys would just listen to your player’s suggestions and complaints and actually make adjustments that are needed for the game, you’d have a better rating from me.

Fun, needs more choices

I was so excited when I came across this app by accident. I love watching the Gaines’ show on hgtv, and I love apps related to design or simulations. So I am enjoying this, but there are only 3 paint colors, flooring choices aren’t bad, staging options and lighting choices too limited. The timings are illogical. It takes longer to place a bowl if fruit on the counter than paint an entire room. Some thought should be given to these things in revision.

Worst app

This app is constantly crashing, whether watching a video or just trying to start the app, it's always closing.


I love this game because I love they show


I love this game! But how do you get more money? I only have $151 left but still have renovations, please help.


I love this game but the only problem I have is if I’m finishing up a house and I have contractors that are not doing anything why can’t I start another house.

Becomes impossible as you advance

If you want to progress in this game without it taking hours to finish a house then you have to spend money. I’m also irritated that I can’t start over.


If you run out of money in the game you can’t play anymore. Don’t get this game.

Found very annoying

I don’t want to play a game that’s giving me instructions all the takes all the fun away


I kinda like this game

I dig it.

I wish you could cancel and get refunded if you wanted to pick a different color scheme and wish there were way more schemes available.. also wish we could do more than 1 house at a time if we had enough money.. wish contractors weren't so expensive to hire. Love the game though

Overall pretty good game, but...

Have loved the show from the start. This game is pretty cool too, but some things in it don't make sense. Like why does it take 20 minutes to stage a kitchen with a single fruit bowl and only 6 minutes to add light fixtures (2 wall mounts and a ceiling fan) to 1 room? 😝

Love it

This game is really fun and I love not going to list it


Hello, l downloaded this game in past and it was one of my best games but I download it again but this time the (buy) icon doesn’t work! What should I do?

Love game, few changes

Wish you could buy more than one house to flip at a time, demo walls and redesign house. Times take to long to keep attention.

Much better

This game had a lot of lagging. I couldn’t play the game because it continually froze and wouldn’t work again unless I restarted it. This all happened immediately after I got it. Could be a good game if it worked. Thank you developers! The game improved a lot after the update you told me about.


Would love to tell you what I think of the update, unfortunately, can’t get it to open since the update.

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