House Flip with Chip and Jo App Reviews

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No Landmarks in Chicago??

I enjoy the game overall (although I wish there were more light/neutral paint colors, rather than a slightly different red, yellow, green, and blue for each new set) but I just unlocked Chicago and am miffed to find no landmarks there. Not only because I’m one landmark away from the achievement, but also because... seriously? There are numerous landmarks in Chicago that are known internationally, and if you can find multiple landmarks for Waco, Tx then surely you can put at least one in Chicago. The Bean (Cloudgate), the Art Institute, the Sears (Willis) Tower, Navy Pier, the list is almost endless. Come on, now.

Wait time

I can be patient but 13 hours to install appliances is a bit ridiculous. Kinda over this game. It had potential.

Not the best

I’ve been playing this game for a month already. It’s not bad but it can be very boring and definitely very repetitive. All of the houses are the same and the ones you flipped, once they sold they do not stay that way. The layout of the houses from the inside do not match the outside. The towns/cities are boring. You only get 3 options of houses every time you want to flip a new house. They give challenges which is great but due to the same repetitive things and repetitive houses and poor graphic make the game annoying at times. Also the houses need more detail and better selection of furniture and decor to dress the house.

Review And A Few Suggestions

I love Chip & Jo! Their family is so adorable, their show has taught me a lot about Home Design and I appreciate that! I have been playing the game for about 3 weeks now and I am in San Diego. I have not spent any actual money (I would actually consider it for this game) and have still enjoyed the game to this point! I have quite a bit of “materials” unlocked. I am excited for the upcoming updates! I am looking forward to the friend feature. As well as the new house styles! I just hope the updates don’t take from the game. The wait time isn’t to terrible and it allows me to put the game down and do what I need then go back, collect and continue to “build”! I like the mini game, I like how you can gain 2x’s speed (if you play again and win again it increases by 2x’a each time-2,4,6,8 [just saying for beginners or people interested in game]) and Full Rush! I also like how you can use hearts to fill up your elbow grease! (Maybe you could make a mini game to help boost elbow grease for earnings towards unlocking new materials) that seems to take the longest! Another suggestion I have is a prize wheel, (yes you get daily and weekly hearts) but a prize wheel with hearts, elbow grease, game cash, free item or city unlock (once weekly or monthly), free full rush (to use whenever you want)! Maybe make it so that the wheel spin collects on the side so they can be used as needed, or within allotted time period! But overall I really enjoy this game! I even let my 2 year old daughter decide on somethings too! (Oh and another tip for beginners! Use Waco and Kansas City as your way to build up your cash before moving onto Phoenix, and repeat every once in awhile, a quick flip helps rack up your cash)

It’s ok

It takes way to long to change the house

Fun but a few flaws

I enjoy the game, but mu biggest frustration is the outside of the house, doesn’t reflect the inside. Outside pictures shows windows, bay windows... but once inside, it’s very different. Still fun to play

Wait time is ridiculous! Need too much to complete!

I liked the game at first but there is no way you can do the daily tasks! The amount of energy needed to complete each task means that I have workers doing nothing because it takes days to store up enough to do one!!


I watch them on tv. Love the show. When I saw that they had a game, I had to try it out. At first I thought it would be a lil confusing when going through tutorial, but it’s pretty simple. I wake up in the mornings sometimes and that’s the first game I go to and finish my decor that I was waiting to finish. Waiting makes it seem almost like ur really waiting in real time with a couple of the renovations. It’s an amazing game.

it’s ok but needs work

I just started the game to day which is 9/15/18 and I only have done the first house. Now I live in the country and we don’t get very good internet so I have not really found the full potential in the game yet. I would hope for ya’lls next update that when your are done and have sold you house that their will be a tab and you click the tab to see the options of the houses you can buy next so you don’t have to wait but I still in the waiting part to go to the second house so I really hope you do doing as I wish and if the next update is like this I would be happy to give a 5 stare rating and post a comment on how good the game is and so far I love it but the 1 extra feature I describe would make the full 5 star it deserves. Sincerely yours Presley M


The game would try loading and then exit to home.

Huge FAN

Absolutely love the show and now I find the game I’m stoked

Too slow

2 days for one task is ridiculous. Especially because it takes so long to get more elbow grease that and the 2 day long tasks takes almost all of what you have. You're given the option to buy more contractors, but what is the point when the tasks cost so much that you can't use more than one at a time. I love their show but after trying to stick with this game I think I'm going to delete it. It's just taking up memory. I don't even mind the waits that are like a day or less, but 2 full days is insane. You can't really enjoy it unless you have lots of money to spend.

Good idea

Good idea bad execution. The idea and concept of this game is amazing! I love the content and the controls are easy. The tutorial was very informative and felt like you were there. I give 2 1/2 stars as my rating. The idea is fun as I have said, but it was poorly planned. Using hearts and buying them takes money. And otherwise you need to wait a long time to get past the next star before listing your house. Ads are okay, but a usual “ok” game that uses real time and half a money grab. DEVS: Great game! I love the idea. Thanks for reading and a suggestion; make it a $1 game to buy and have everything free and no time or IAP. You’ll make more money that way. Also, this game needs another update with graphics and 3D rotation and movement. Better movement rather than tapping and holding. I personally think this game is not on my agenda. It’s okay, but I am probably not going to play. Thank you so much for making this to satisfy others but not me. - Unhappy and Slightly Happy Customer.

So disappointed

I broke down and spent money because everything was taking forever or I didn’t have enough elbow grease. Now, 20 min later and I am in the same position. $5.00 for 20 min in the game is highway robbery. Especially when the color schemes make no difference and nothing changed for hours and hours.

Updates please

So when is the next city opening up? I am done with Chicago and been waiting

Love, Love, Love it!!!!!!

Love the game almost as much as I do the show! I love watching Chip, Joanna, & their kids on the TV.

Buying homes

This game would be more enjoyable if you could purchase and renovate multiple homes at the same time.


I was beginning to enjoy the game, but it keeps freezes when I try to go and see the offers. I had to uninstall and reinstall it twice now. Why can’t we work on more than one house at ah time.

Takes too long to do anything

It takes forever to do one thing and then they basically want you to spend $5 so you get enough “hearts” to get another person so you can do more construction ... gave up after two days

Not like all the others!!

I thought this would just be another home design game like all the rest... giving you just enough in an attempt to get you to spend money to enjoy the full potential for those like myself that truly love to create and design. I don’t have the luxury of spending money like that. This is so much different 😃! I deeply enjoy this game! You can build up the currency to play at a higher level as you learn the ropes. I would recommend this app to everyone. I’ve watched the show for years and love what they do. This game is original and a ton of fun!


So so

Great game, minor changes

Great game! Only thing I’d change is to make the wall demo function available ASAP! Some room are awkwardly placed in homes and a feature to adjust those rooms and to knock down any unnecessary walls will make this game a real house flip dream!

I love it

I love it it’s like you are in hgtv fixer upper

It’s great! But , has flaws

I love the game and the show. It’s pretty interactive and gives you many options. There is a glitch with “problem areas” feature where it doesn’t ever record you doing certain task therefore you cannot achieve a higher house rating. I give it a 4 out of 5.

Okay. Could be better

The game would be a lot more fun if you could buy and flip more houses at one time. They big issue I have is that there is no rhyme or reason to the design. It would be much more fun if the design choices actually impacted the sale price in a meaningful way. And speaking of sale prices there is no rhyme or reason. An offer that has no match could be higher than an offer with a 3 to 3 match

house buying problem since update

ever since the last update i can’t purchase homes anymore 😭 the game needs a bit of updating

My review

I would like to be able to rearrange the cabinets or take down a wall.

Fixer Upper

It’s my favorite show of all time.

Need updates!

I enjoy the game but am becoming impatient waiting for updates!

Thank You

So much fun

My review

I just wanted to let you know that I enjoy the game it’s relaxing.

GREAT! But . . .

Overall I really enjoy(ed) this game. However, I’ve reached a point in the game where I’ve completed all the achievements. The improvements I’d like to see are more “sights” to see (none in Chicago), more features / design styles unlocked (removal of walls), more cities (“coming soon”) and ability to flip more than one house at a time.

Fun, but slow

Fixer Upper is a fun game with a great concept. I like the new upgrades with the option to make the times faster. I would like to be able to flip a couple of houses at once. There is NO sightseeing in Chicago and Chicago has a lot of options for sightseeing. I can’t finish some achievements because you don’t have sightseeing in Chicago. More options to improve the house would be great. Over all I enjoy playing the game and being a little creative.


I sold my first house and can’t figure out how to flip the second. I’m in the house but It won’t let me do anything to change the floors or anything. HELPPPPO


Repetitive, slow moving to get upgrades and boring af. Hard pass.


It’s okay, I like Chip and Joanne’s videos during the game. They are still giving good advise.

I love this game.

I love this game and play it all the time. I would like there to be a few more color options, or release the “locked” part of the construction and decorating. Overall I do love this game and can’t wait for more updates! :)

I really love this game and I also got my friend hooked on it too

House Flip is a fun game to just flip houses and earn profits. Everybody that I’ve talked to about it, loves it as much as me. I’ve even finished it haha. I’ve flipped all the cities. But the only thing that would make the game more fun (for me) is if you could flip multiple properties at the same time. Cause I spend average about $2M on a house all together, but my Capital Net Worth is over $6M. I just would like to have multiple going so I can earn more money at once, and so that I can use the app more often.

Game does not load

I downloaded this game flipped 4 houses then it froze up trying to buy number 5 so I re downloaded the game now it won’t load it sits at 0% gives me all the tips at the bottom but does not load. I have iPhone 7 Plus with current iOS I have since down loaded the game. I love the game I have completed all of the achievements I am a silver mogul with 12,000,000 in assets. Waiting for new updates so I can move out of Chicago. And open demolition and the other areas of remodeling


I absolutely love this game only thing it’s really getting time consuming with the construction but it’s not a deal breaker .

Waiting game

Great game but every little action takes far too long without anything else to interact with in the game. Options are limited even with progression.


Ive been stuck in Chicago for months now, completed all the houses, but a new city did not open up. What am I doing wrong?


Best game ever

Love it

Things are just to expensive bummer

We can just see

I’m so excited for the next year to get to work with this new one

I would love to play but...

So I go in do the tutorial and then after I'm done with the tutorial it x me out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FIX IT PLEASe I THINK IT WOULD BE FUN GAME IF I COULD PLAY IT.


I admit I did not give this a lot of time but it was so slow and tedious with limited and boring design choices that I lost interest very quickly

Why am I waiting to do everything?

What a waste of a great idea for an app! Not the game for me. Not sure why anyone would play a game when pretty much all of it is waiting for something to be completed. And I mean LONG wait times. They could have made enough money on people wanting better items to renovate with but not to speed up wait times that shouldn’t even be there. Really...I have to wait for a ‘contractor’ to place a fruit bowl with one apple & one banana in a bowl onto the counter?? And to place a soap dispenser on bathroom sink?? Just stop...DELETE

Fixer Upper

I love this game! It’s so addicting! The music in the game is very relaxing. I love the that you added links to certain landmarks in each city. I was a student at ASU and found it awesome that ASU was added into the Phoenix location of the game. I think it would be cool if you add Las Vegas into this game in the future (since I live in Las Vegas) :)


I was really excited to see this game as I am planning to do this in real life and thought it would get me familiar with it all. Sadly I’m very disappointed and the game is becoming very boring very fast. Selections are limited and wait times are too long. When items are chosen like vases etc they don’t show up correctly on the screen and I don’t like how you have to chose the games preset items and how you have no control over the placement. Every house looks the same and your putting the same bs in it as the last house..... boring

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